National Career Summit, Nov. 4-15

In lieu of my usual blog post, I’m highlighting the National Career Summit, which begins today and runs through Nov. 15. Registration is free, and the sessions will be recorded–you can listen to the recordings for a “small fee” if you can’t catch the sessions live.

Summit Information (Overview):

Learn How to Compete in Today’s Job Market from more than 30 Leading Job & Career Experts For FREE!
Our Virtual Summit can be accessed from your computer or phone. No Travel Required.

What You Can Learn From The National Career Summit
You can effectively handle challenging interviews and win the job.
You can ensure your resume lands on the top of the pile.
You can brand yourself and recession-proof your career.
You can find the hidden jobs that aren’t listed on the job boards.
You can land a job using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter plus a whole lot more.

Celebrity Guests and Their Topics:

Clinton Kelly
What NOT to Wear on a Job Interview

Martin Yate
Knock ‘em Dead, NY Times Bestselling Author Setting Career Goals and Planning Your Career Path

Liz Ryan
Break all the Rules and Get that Dream Job!

Brian Tracy
Earn What You’re Really Worth

J.T. O’Donnell
How to Find a Career that Excites You.

William Arruda
Personal Branding

Viveka von Rosen
Getting Yourself in Front of the Right People with LinkedIn

Hannah Morgan
Build Your Online Reputation: How to Create the Right Digital Dirt

Elisabeth Sanders-Park
Discovering and Removing Obstacles in your Job Search

Robin Schlinger
How to Navigate Applicant Tracking Systems

Miriam Salpeter
Twitter and Facebook for Job Seekers

Lee Miller
Negotiating: Get More Money in Your Next Job in Any Economy (Or a Raise in Your Current Job)

Louise Kursmark
Choosing a Professional Resume Writer

Mary Elizabeth Bradford
Tapping into the Hidden Job Market

Laura Labovich
How to Communicate for Success in your Job Search

Peggy McKee
Interview Skills 101

Michelle Riklan
Resume Writing 101

Donna Sweidan
What’s New Hot and Hidden on LinkedIn

Nancy H. Segal
Preparing Veterans and Others for Federal Employment

Robert Shindell, Ph.D.
The Importance of Securing a Professional Internship K

erry Hannon
Great Jobs for Everyone 50+

Grant Cooper
Entrepreneurship: Creating a Business Plan

Laura DeCarlo
New Trends In Resume Writing

Lisa Rangel
How to do Research to Find the Job You Want

Christine Brown-Quinn
Climbing the Corporate Ladder(Growing in your Current Organization)

Marshall Brown
Developing an Effective Network

David Kaplan
Staying Motivated and Avoiding Depression During Times of Unemployment

Wendy Lipton-Dibner
The #1 Formula to Win in a Difficult Job Market

Donald Burns
Why Cover Letters Are Dead

Regina Barr
The Art of Self Promotion

Loretta Peters
Networking(On and Off line)


I encourage you to register ASAP and make a point of checking the schedule to see when your “hot topics” will be on live or make a note to obtain access to their recordings if listening live doesn’t work for you.

2 Comments on “National Career Summit, Nov. 4-15”

  1. Nishi says:

    First of all, thank you for putting together this event. A great lineup.

    How can I obtain a recording of a session? are the recordings available for individual sessions?

    • Nishi, I wish I could take credit for putting the program together! It is a great collection of resources. However, David and Michelle Riklan get the credit for pulling this off. If you register, I think you’ll be able to find out more about getting the session recordings. My thought is that it should be possible to purchase only those session recordings you’re particularly interested in, but I can’t say that 100% for sure.

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