Founder Mark Hovind Gone

I don’t normally pass sad news along in this blog, but I think anyone who has been or will be a job seeker in the future might want to know about the recent passing of Mark Hovind, the founder and driving spirit behind One of my professional colleagues posted information about this on an e-list we both belong to, or I might not have heard about it yet myself.

From all accounts, Mark was the kind of person anyone would be proud to know and grateful to for his many efforts in the world of employment. He worked extensively with very senior-level executives but also made time for what was apparently a considerable amount of volunteer “giving back.”

Mark’s widow announced that she won’t be able to continue Mark’s work, but she added, “However, I will be leaving his website up, temporarily, and the instructions on YouTube to help those that may be learning his fierce job hunting technique.” If you haven’t previously downloaded his four videos, you can find them on YouTube. Take a look while they’re still available.

Here’s another sample of Mark sharing his expertise with a wide audience, during a discussion with JibberJobber founder Jason Alba.

What does Mark Hovind’s passing mean for you?

Any time we lose someone who has contributed substantially to the knowledge base for job seekers, it’s a shame. You and practically every other job seeker on the planet can benefit—and probably have benefited–at some point from the work that such dedicated professionals do. Yes, they have businesses to operate and can’t do everything for free or at a cut rate. In fact, some of them make very good money at what they do. However, it’s not uncommon for them to also do something similar to what Mark Hovind did—giving their time and expertise to benefit others.

So if you visit in the near future and download Mark’s four videos, think about Mark’s contribution. He will be missed.

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