The Curse of Experience

Jon Gordon’s blog often contains items I find both inspirational and practical, and his October 24, 2011 post definitely met both “tests.” He called it “The Curse of Experience: Think Like a Rookie.” The title alone intrigued me, as it was undoubtedly meant to do. More important, from my perspective, the article caused me to think seriously about an issue that too often arises for both employed and unemployed job searchers. You’ve probably heard one or both of the following statements in your business career: “We can’t do that. We’ve never done it before” or “But we’ve always done it this way.”

Those statements are the kiss of death to success in business, whether you’re in job search mode or just trying to do your job as well as you can. The attitude they represent can stop progress in its tracks, sabotage a promising career–in other words, do serious damage in one form or another. As Jon Gordon puts it, “…sometimes experience can be a curse. Such as when your experience in business causes you to focus on the good ole days.” He goes on to say that rookies “don’t know about the way things were. Rookies don’t focus on what everyone says is impossible. They bring an idealism, optimism and passion to their work and because they believe in the future they take the necessary actions to create it.”

Does this mean you can blithely assume that great and wonderful things will happen just because you try something different in your job search or career management activities? No. A touch of realism can actually be healthy–but not if it shuts down enthusiasm, optimism and determination. If your resume, interview techniques and other job search elements reflect someone who can turn experience into a blessing and not a curse, employers are more likely to sit up and take notice.

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