High-Tech Job Search Tools

It’s early days yet, but a newly launched job search company called StartWire might have important implications for job seekers down the road. According to John Zappe (ERE.net), its purpose is “helping job seekers avoid the black hole and connect with a network of trusted friends and business connections for advice and job referrals.”

Whether the new company will really offer significant value for job seekers remains to be seen. Also, will it provide unique resources that aren’t already available from established companies? We don’t have enough information yet to even make a guess. However, I’m always hopeful when I hear about something that could benefit job seekers, so I’ll be interested to see what happens.

The point really is, are you staying on the watch for high-tech tools that could help in your job search or aren’t you? That’s not to say that StartWire and other companies will survive the risky start-up phase or, if they do, that you absolutely must use them to help you manage your job search, to establish or maintain contact with hiring managers, and the like. It just means that not staying alert to technology trends that could affect your actions might prevent you from conducting as successful a job search as you otherwise would. Like it or not, technology is a fact of life in the employment world today, and to some extent, we all have to get on board regarding it.

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